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Bundle Patch 3 Now Available for Application Management Pack

Bundle Patch 3 Now Available for Application Management Pack


Application Management Pack (AMP) for Oracle E-Business Suite was released in June 2015. We have just released the third set of updates for AMP These updates include enhancements as well as fixes for stability and performance issues.

We strongly recommend that you apply Bundle Patch 3 to your E-Business Suite environments and your Enterprise Manager server:



What's New in Bundle Patch 3?

  • Discover and monitor Oracle E-Business Suite targets hosted on Oracle Cloud. ( )
  • Support is now enabled for discovering multiple instances with the same SID.
  • The naming convention of the Oracle E-Business Suite targets is changed. It no longer uses the DB SID as a prefix. The Database target name is used instead, which is passed for discovery.
  • The DB target name, which is passed to the EBS target discovery, can only contain alphanumeric characters and period ('.').
  • For a successful discovery, the preferred credentials must now be set for the host where the admin server is running. On Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 or later, the preferred credentials setup must be completed on both the patch and run file system admin servers. If not, pre-validation will fail.
  • Host aliasing is now automated and will attempt to match the host name in the EBS context file and the discovered host name in Oracle Enterprise Manager. If this attempt fails, you will be prompted to perform the mapping manually.
  • Customization Manager and Patch Manager now support host aliasing.







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